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For you, we combine cutting edge technology with Client Reporting and Investment Processes. As a result, beautiful products and trustworthy services came to life.

Check out Cinnamon ReportingReporting as a Service, and bankNotes.


Are you looking for new solutions to Client Reporting or your Investment Processes? We design them, preferably together with the users. Our qualified, experienced team brings the two worlds together for you.

We carry your projects through: either we take over responsibility by providing you with a turnkey project, or our specialists help you achieve project success.

Client Reporting

A large number of important reportings are of our making. For Client Reporting concerns ours is the address you need. Obtain a good Investment Report by profiting from the experience we have gained over the years.

Client Reporting

Investment process

Are you looking for know-how in the fields of investment processes and regulations? Based on the experience we have gained with our own software, we master every single step from investment proposals to client needs, monitoring and reporting.

Investment Process
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