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Position guidance

Experience how your asset data - including non-bankable assets - is seamlessly consolidated across all custodians, structures and vehicles. This comprehensive consolidation gives you a clear and holistic overview of all your assets, regardless of where they are stored or invested.

Investment Accounting

Discover a securities accounting solution that is both auditable and fully integrated to meet your needs. With this solution, you can create different charts of accounts, use different valuation methods for your investments and customise all of this in any currency and for different periods.

Investment Analysis & Controlling

Benefit from exclusive access to Cinnamon wealth analysis and valuation to gain a detailed insight into your financial situation. Experience a comprehensive view of your performance and benchmarking analyses tailored specifically for different asset sizes, time periods and consolidation currencies.

Investment Reporting

Whether for print or web channels, our solution provides you and your clients with exactly the information you need. Discover the flexibility and efficiency of a report that is customised to your needs.

Our claim

At Cinnamon Services, we rely on qualified personnel with experience and understanding in asset consolidation and reporting. We are here to answer your questions and serve your needs.

    Impressive output

    Meaningful, customized reports give you a comprehensive overview of your assets. Control and overview of finances have never been so easy.

    Print Report für Family-Offices


    The print report is based on individual design: elegant tables, high-quality infographics, headers, footers and tables of contents.
    Family Office Webreport


    The web report has an interactive user interface and is optimized for smartphones, tablet and desktop.

    Securities accounting

    Our platform enables customized reporting for value added accounting.

    Übersicht der Family-Office-Reports

    Extensive possibilities

    Log in and analyze your portfolios yourself.


    Any consolidations

    Compile freely selected asset quantities and analyse them - directly via our web and print channels or via Excel export.

    Mapping of asset structures

    Our system also allows you to map complex relationships such as portfolios, mandates, legal vessels or family structures.

    Non-bankable positions

    We correctly depict real estate, private equity or valuable assets in both the value accounting as well as in reporting.

    Data export

    Have all your data at your disposal: By means of Excel export or API connection you have access at any time.

    Cinnamon Plattform

    The Cinnamon platform bundles all relevant information in one place.

    Our platform ensures that your securities accounting, investment reporting and ad hoc financial analysis are always in sync.

    Cinnamon was redesigned from the ground up in 2022 with a focus on flexibility, quality and data protection.



    Your Service for Family Offices

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