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Cinnamon platform for banks

The banking landscape requires a balance between high-quality services and adaptation to an ever-changing regulatory and technological environment. The Cinnamon solution provides the appropriate support for this.

Extensive possibilities

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Global Custody Reporting

Cinnamon provides banks with robust global custody reporting that supports efficient monitoring of the custody and administration of securities. It enables banks to transparently report on their customers' global assets.

Multibank Reporting

At a time when customers spread their assets across multiple banks, Cinnamon enables centralized multi-bank reporting. Cinnamon consolidates data from different banking systems to provide a comprehensive financial overview.

Investment reporting

The Cinnamon platform supports banks not only in the detailed reporting of investments, but also in the analysis of performance and the identification of opportunities and risks in customer portfolios.

Family Office Accounting & Reporting

For the specialized needs of family offices, Cinnamon offers customized accounting and reporting solutions to precisely address their needs.

Consistency across all channels

Whether PDF or web: Cinnamon supports all common output formats. Since all evaluations are based on the same data set and the same position management, work processes are only performed once. This not only guarantees efficiency, but also end-to-end data consistency.


Flexible solutions for banks

Cinnamon's technology is designed to effectively support banks in their diverse reporting and accounting tasks. With its flexible and reliable architecture, Cinnamon ensures that banks can always provide accurate and up-to-date information to their customers.


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