bmpi AG has been a trusted specialist for investment reporting and advisory processes in the financial sector since 1997. Our experts support your projects on site or work out a customized solution for you. Our strength is in the combination of specific business know-how, IT expertise and experience in product and project management.

Executive Board

In his position of CEO Oliver is always prepared to listen to our clients and staff alike. He always probes deeper, searching for hidden causes and currents. Besides his commitment to his family and the Founding Board of Swisscanto he takes a lively interest in cultural matters. In his summer holidays he enjoys walks in the mountains.

Oliver Gloor, Dr. sc. math. ETH


Thomas is responsible for the areas of solutions and sales. He is fascinated by the ever changing world of finance and loves the challenge of being involved in these changes.
Besides the game of business he is an evenhanded player in the family home and on the tennis court.

Thomas Tscherrig, MSc ETH CS, CIIA

Member of the Executive Board


We are committed to promoting a culture that advocates for diversity and, at the same time, creates a positive and supportive environment for all.


bild anina bigler

Anina is the financial backbone, stickler for details and number cruncher. And she also makes sure that our office printers and plants are well-fed. When escaping the numerical (and supplies) world, Anina is enjoying time with her family, swimming and sewing fancy children's apparel.

Anina Bigler, Certified Accountant, BA Banking & Finance, BA Secondary Education

Responsible for Finance

Antonia is an IT graduate with additional diplomas in finance. She is bilingual in the spheres of IT and business. In her free time she follows her linguistic inclinations by taking a keen interest in foreign languages.

Antonia Schmidig, Diploma in Computer Science ETH, CIIA, FMO

Senior Consultant

bild artur melo

Artur is fascinated by the process of transforming the complex and ever-changing world into a model that is as real, fast and perfect as possible. He loves to air out his head from programming while running. He also likes to share his passion for triathlon with the next generation as a junior coach.

Artur Melo, MSc ETH Inf.-Ing.

Software Engineer

bild caroline cavin

Caroline is responsible for online communication. She is interested in digital media and constantly follows new trends. In her spare time, she devotes herself to her family, plays sports or reads books until late at night.

Caroline Cavin

Online Marketing Manager

Christoph works as business analyst for the projects of our clients. In doing this he can use his experience as a developer and project manager. He excels at structuring the contents and processes of projects. For the very last years, these projects have been related to Financial Market Data. In his free time he loves juggling sports with music.

Christoph Denzler, Federal Diploma II for Teachers in Sports ETH

Senior Consultant / Key Account Manager

Costa's mission is to bring sense to whatever task he does - and get it done. An award-winning pragmatic app developer, a minimalistic designer and photographer, an Arduino tinkerer, Costa always detects all errors, wherever they are.
He will rock climb until the last day of his life, if there has to be one.

Costantino Sertorio, Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Senior Consultant / Key Account Manager

I came, I saw, I programmed.

Daniel Kistler, MSc ETH CS, FMO

Senior Consultant / Key Account Manager

David loves to solve complex software problems. He is a team player and enjoys working with various people, no matter if at work on a software project or in his free time when organizing camps for children and adolescents.

David Eschbach, MSc ETH in Computer Science

Software Engineer

bild elin ruetimann

Elin always wants to understand the big picture. That's why she studied biology. Her diverse interests and what she learned in her studies allow her to bridge the gap between IT and the business world. She enjoys interacting with people, both professionally and in her private life cooking, beekeeping and playing sports.

Elin Rütimann, MSc UZH in Biology


Enrico has been working for bmpi as a software developer and business analyst since 2008. His IT degree followed by hands-on experience and studies in finance make him feel at home at the interface between business and IT. In his free time, however, he isn't usually at home, but travelling all over the world.

Enrico Albonico, MSc ETH CS, FMO

Senior Consultant / Key Account Manager

Fabian is keen to know and likes to deal with the details of a project in order to find the optimal solution. When he is not dealing with the most important points of an implementation, he deals with them when planning hiking routes in Switzerland.

Fabian Schaich, BSc ETH CS

Software Engineer

bild jiri hochmann

As a support- and maintenance-oriented team member, Jiri enjoys in particular his mediator role while trying to reconcile the application nuances with implementation tricks and user issues. When these issues evaporate without damaging the other two corners of the triangle – such (not too frequent) moments are deeply cherished by him.
Leisure-time activities? Their themes are versatile, the last one is already forgotten and the next is not yet known.

Jiri Hochmann, Dr. sc. nat. ETH

Senior Software Engineer

Lukas loves transforming complex processes into sophisticated software. He enjoys searching for the right balance between what is perfect and what is practical in the latest technologies on the one hand and in handling systems that have proved successful for years on the other hand.
In his free time he enjoys activities offering instant feedback such as cooking and wine tasting. He clears his head while motor cycling, sailing and playing saxophone.

Lukas Knecht, Dr. sc. techn. ETH


Marcus advises customers and takes a leading role in the product development of advisory and reporting tools. He is a founding member of bmpi and has many years of experience both as a consultant, and as an investment project and portfolio manager for major Swiss banks.

In his free time, Marcus likes playing the trombone in the symphony orchestra, playing volley ball, and most importantly, spending time with his children.

Marcus Brändle, Diploma in Computer Science ETH


While asking just the right questions, Micha is able to find an optimal solution to the actual problem. In addition, working in a team, he loves to transform a project from requirements engineering, over to making models, and successfully ending with the implementation. When he’s not sitting in front of his PC, he can be found skiing down the mountains in the winter.

Micha Eschmann, BSc UZH in Informatics

Software Engineer

Nadia is always curious in exploring the IT World and its network advantages. Her goal is to figure out how to apply existing IT technologies in order to make the life of people easier. In her free time she devotes herself to her family, plays volleyball or enjoys deep conversations with her friends.

Nadia Afanaseva, BSc in Applied mathematics, Yaroslavl State University

Software Engineer

Natalija supports the CEO as well as the product and the customer managers and is also responsible for customer and employee events and. Besides the family life, Natalija likes to spend her free time doing sport and with friends.

Natalija Oehri, Management Assistant / Secretary Board of Administration

GL Assistance & BoD Secretariat

bild nico kurmann

For Nico, developing software solutions is first and foremost an act of creation. After reducing oftentimes complex problems to their core, it is all about designing the product to assist the user in reaching their goal.
Traces of his creativity also surface while playing and customizing overly complex boardgames.

Nico Kurmann, MSc ETH CS

Software Engineer

Petra likes to communicate - with people as well as computers. Transforming ideas into code brings her as much joy as a smooth flow of information in her team. In her free time she indulges her penchant for perfectionism by tinkering on her recipes.

Petra Wittwer

Software Engineer

Piotr likes to inquire about inner workings of programs and electronics in order to exploit them. He enjoys Capture The Flag competitions to learn new techniques in cybersecurity. In his free time he likes to swim, craft things, and explore new cooking recipes.

Piotr Kulpinski, BEng in Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester

Software Engineer (Working Student)

Sandip is experienced in Software design and development as Consultant, Architect with expertise in data warehouse, automation and advanced analytics for financial institutions. Thrives to solve complex Problem with smarter implementation to reduce effort and cost which brings customer satisfaction. Travel and Sport is his favourite leisure.

Sandip Sikder, BTech in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, WBUT, India / Post Graduate Cloud Computing, University of Texas at Austin

Senior Consultant

Sofie, the graduate astrophysicist, doesn't only probe into the secrets of the universe, but also solves many puzzles in the complex universe of programming. Besides her work Sofie is enthusiastic about swing dance. She reaches for the stars dancing boogie woogie.

Sofie Prem, PhD Theoretical Physics University Basel, CIIA

Senior Consultant

Stefan doesn’t like it when things don’t work the way they should. That’s why he’s constantly fixing and optimizing, - be it code, database queries or his kids’ toys.

Stefan Gehrig, Dipl. Ing. HTL Mechanical Engineering

Senior Software Engineer

Emission Targets

bmpi is committed to  achieving net zero emissions by 2025. As a company, we recognize the urgent need to take action on climate change and reduce our carbon footprint to mitigate the impacts of global warming on the environment.

Board of Directors

Thomas Tscherrig, Oliver Gloor (Chairman), Marcus Brändle, Marcel Ottiger

Members of the Board of Directors (l.t.r.)

Thomas Tscherrig, Oliver Gloor (Chairman), Marcus Brändle, Marcel Ottiger




Customer contact as soon as possible

Flexible working hours (part-time and home office)

We are highly self-reliant: we actively seek (exciting and complex) work. We think along, give our opinion and proactively bring suggestions for improvement.



Wage Transparency

Order Transparency

Flat hierarchy

Internally we are as transparent as possible. Externally (towards customers and prospects) we also live up to this ideal (within the framework of the competition).

You want to know why transparency is important at bmpi and how it is lived? Read our blog article Transparency in the company, a model for success?



Bottom-up profit sharing

Excellent social benefits and pension

Overtime is compensated

There is equaliy when opinions are concerned, including board members. Everybody carries the same weight.



Further training quota

Newest methodology



We are always on the lookout for new talents! If your profile matches any of the following, don’t hesitate to contact us.

-> Softwareentwicklerin oder Softwareentwickler mit Finanzwissen (Zürich, Festanstellung 80%-100%)

-> (Junior) Softwareentwicklerin oder Softwareentwickler (Zürich, Festanstellung 80%-100%)

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Transparency is a top priority at bmpi. Would you like to know how we live it and how it influences our work? Read more about it in our blog article Transparency in the company, a model for success?


Please contact:

Oliver Gloor
Tel: +41 44 454 84 84


For computer science students and graduates: Want to learn more? Then experience a virtual working day at our Choose your own Adventure (only in German).

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