Cinnamon for Asset Managers - Transparent, Precise and Efficient 



The Cinnamon Platform for Asset Managers

Asset management operates in a dynamic environment that requires constant precision, transparency and efficiency. Our Cinnamon solution is designed to meet these requirements and give asset managers a clear market advantage.

Extensive possibilities

The right tools to achieve your goals.


Fonds Fact Sheets

Create professional and detailed fund fact sheets with minimal effort. Our platform automates this process by seamlessly integrating all relevant data and preparing it attractively - for PDF and web. This ensures that stakeholders and investors always receive up-to-date and well-founded information.

Fund portal with faceted fund search

Our integrated fund portal enables investors to navigate through the entire fund spectrum with a multi-faceted search. This allows them to filter specifically according to various criteria such as asset classes, risk profile, performance and many others.

Client Reporting

Of course, Cinnamon also reports your mandates. It enables detailed and transparent reporting, adapted to individual client needs and regulatory requirements.


Comprehensive and flexible solutions for asset managers

Our solution is one of the most comprehensive and adaptable options on the market. Let yourself be supported by a solution that transforms the complex environment of asset management into clear and manageable processes.


Your service for asset managers

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