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Family Offices

Perfect service quality for Family Offices

In today's financial world, family offices need specialized services to manage their assets efficiently and transparently. Our team has made it its business to offer exactly these services in perfect quality.


Perfect tools to achieve your goals.


Multibanking Consolidation

With our multibank consolidation, you have the option of bundling accounts and investments across different banks in a clearly organised manner and managing them effectively.

Accounting & Reporting

Get clear and detailed insights into your portfolios and investments with our investment reporting. At the same time, our investment accounting ensures that your transactions are always recorded and processed correctly and efficiently to guarantee you maximum security and efficiency.

Cost of Living-Analysis

Our Cost of Living analytics help accurately monitor and control the cost of living.

Back Office Services

Experience comprehensive support that significantly relieves your organisation. We take care of all the details, from administrative processing to data processing, so that you can concentrate on your core competences.

Our Service

Comprehensive and flexible service

Our offer includes a comprehensive consolidation that gives you a complete overview of your entire assets. Our specialised investment reporting provides you with detailed and comprehensible insights into your investment portfolios.

In addition, our investment accounting ensures accurate and efficient processing of all your transactions. A special feature of our service is the ability for you to carry out your own analyses at any time. This gives you the flexibility and control to organise your finances exactly as you wish.


Cinnamon Services

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