By Enrico Albonico and Caroline Cavin

Bike to work: Full pedal power and animal encounters

27. June 2023

bmpi is taking part in “bike to work” and is pedalling hard in June. Enrico Albonico tells us why participation is a good thing, what animal encounters he had and what he recommends to future ”bike to work” participants.

Enrico Albonico is motivated to join “bike to work” for several reasons. He is an enthusiastic cyclist and has been cycling from Wettingen to Zurich twice a week since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. He covers around 88 kilometres in the process. “Yesterday I took advantage of the beautiful day for a detour and explored new, picturesque routes,” Enrico says. In addition, he recently saw that some customers were also taking part and had put up flyers for their employees. Because he had already taken part in “bike to work” once, he felt encouraged to present the idea of participating to our management.

Enrico completes the course on a simple entry-level racing bike with pimped wheels. Personally, he has not set himself any specific goals, as he naturally enjoys cycling. However, he would like to motivate as many colleagues as possible to also sign up for “bike to work”. It is important to him that others also recognise and benefit from the advantages of cycling to work. “If even one colleague enjoys cycling more and continues to come to work by bike, I will have achieved my goal,” he says.

Animal encounters on the way to work

When asked about a special experience or inspiring encounter, Enrico immediately replies, “Yesterday I had an animal encounter on the way to work.” He deliberately did not take the direct route to work, but took a diversion. In the process, Enrico passed meadows and forests and suddenly saw two foxes standing at the side of the road next to a field. They quickly ran away, but shortly afterwards he even saw a deer further ahead. “It was a lively and exciting encounter with nature. It was cool and fun,” Enrico says enthusiastically.

Even on days with bad weather or little time, Enrico knows how to motivate himself. “When it rains a little, I even find it pleasant and cooling. Compared to hot sunny days with 30 degrees, when the asphalt is scalding, rain is less unpleasant,” he says. Besides, he no longer has a train pass. Every time he has to take the train and buy a ticket, he regrets it. These motivating factors help him to persevere even on difficult days and to continue cycling to work.

Together with more than 97,500 participants, bmpi is cycling from everywhere to Zurich in the teams "Arrow Pedaler", "49.9%" and "Intercity".
Together with more than 97,500 participants, bmpi is cycling from everywhere to Zurich in the teams “Arrow Pedaler”, “49.9%” and “Intercity”.

Insider tips for future “bike to work” participants

Enrico is currently working on a mandate as a Senior Consultant at a Swiss bank. He is lucky that the bank has a fitness centre that he is allowed to use for free as an employee. “It’s really ideal,” he enthuses. “In the morning, I pack my work clothes, my laptop and a microfibre towel in my backpack. When I get there, I shower and hang up the damp cycling clothes in the drying room.” However, when he used to ride directly to the bmpi, he would use the public bathrooms to shower. And when he had time, he even swam a few laps. “That’s also a good way to change in Zurich,” he recommends.

For all those who are still undecided whether they want to join “bike to work”, Enrico has the following tip: “Just start, everyone can join, even if you don’t own a bike”. Because it is even possible for a team member to cover the distance on foot and thus take part in the challenge. For Enrico it is clear that he definitely wants to keep up the momentum and positive habits after “bike to work”.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for him and the participating colleagues and wish you continued strength in your legs.

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