By David Eschbach and Caroline Cavin

As a software engineer, I have the opportunity to get involved, make a big difference and see immediate successes.

30. May 2023

David Eschbach, software engineer at bmpi, on starting a career after graduation, why working as a software developer is exciting and how the work-life balance succeeds.

David, you are a software engineer. . What are your tasks?
I write code and do programming. Currently I am part of the Cinnamon project team and do development tasks in code. What’s special about it is that the tasks at bmpi are less clearly defined than is usual in other companies. Here I always have the opportunity to do more than “just” code, for example, to do a requirements analysis. When I write code, I see what other tasks it interacts with. If this interests me and I am needed, I work in these areas.

And which languages and technologies are important for your work?
Currently, I work daily with TypeScript and JavaScript, but also with the scripting language Bash. React plays an important role in the technologies at the moment.

What does your system environment look like?
I work with Visual Studio Code as a development environment. Git, Docker and Atlassian products are also very important.

What hardware do you work with?
I have an HP notebook and am set up to work both on site and at home. So I am flexible on the road.

How long have you been working for bmpi?
I have been with bmpi for three years.

And how did you come to bmpi?
After my Bachelor of Science ETH in Computer Science, I wanted to do an internship. For this reason, I visited the VIS contact party and met Thomas Tscherrig, member of the bmpi management. In a personal conversation, I quickly sensed that it could be a good fit at bmpi. One thing followed another, I applied and was accepted for a six-month internship. I then completed the Master of Science ETH in Computer Science and decided to work for bmpi again despite many offers. The decisive factor was the positive experiences during the internship.

You would like to work at bmpi?
You have a degree in computer science and are eager to contribute your acquired knowledge to our customer projects and our client reporting software?
Then visit our job page.

Why did you decide in favour of an SME and against a large company?
At the time, I wanted to work in a manageable team and put my knowledge into practice. Moreover, at bmpi I had the feeling that my work was important and that I was needed. At a large company, I tended to have the feeling that I was working on a project for half a year, for example, that no one would notice in the end.

Fresh from university or ETH. What opportunities does bmpi offer young software engineers?
What makes bmpi strong and what I was also looking for are the opportunities to get involved, to make a big difference and to see immediate success. I was given a certain amount of trust right from the start and was quickly allowed to take on responsibility. I imagine that this is more difficult in other companies.

What do you particularly like about your work?
I like the fact that I can work full stack, i.e. everywhere and on similar projects. For example, when I’m working on a solution with React, I might be developing the CSS on the front end and at the same time setting up the developer setup in the back end with Bash scripts. This gives me different perspectives on our product. Through my work, I have acquired a broad technical and application knowledge.

David Eschbach, software engineer at bmpi, out and about in nature.
David Eschbach, software engineer at bmpi, out and about in nature.

Describe the working atmosphere at bmpi.
The atmosphere at bmpi is special. There is togetherness, and even when we are in a rut, everyone pulls together. From my point of view, there is no competition. I also appreciate the fact that communication at bmpi is transparent.

What challenges you?
Ultimately, the high level of personal responsibility. That’s what I was looking for and that’s what excites me.

How do you continue your education?
At bmpi, there is an annual impulse to further educate oneself. The company philosophy is that software developers should acquire financial expertise. Consequently, I completed the courses “Fit for Finance” and “Fit for Sustainable Finance” at the University of St. Gallen. I also completed training in investment reporting at Cinnamon Services AG. This year I will add another further training course. I am particularly interested in further training in Sustainable Finance.

You are a young family man. How do you reconcile work and family?
That is only possible because of the flexibility at bmpi. Since I am free to arrange my working hours as I wish, I can adapt to the current needs of my family. This means that I currently work early in the morning when the family is still asleep so that I have time for them later. However, this flexibility requires a good arrangement so that it suits both sides. Client needs and projects are paramount and agreed deadlines must be met.

What do you like to do most when you’re not developing software for bmpi?
In my free time, I’m involved in the youth group or play Dungeons & Dragons. But my favourite thing is spending time with my family.

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