By Petra Wittwer

VIS Contact Party 2021

9. February 2021

Get a taste of bmpi air for a virtual day! Find out what a normal working day as a software developer looks like in our Choose your own Adventure.

About bmpi

Would you like to work in a self-determined and uncomplicated way? Solve complex problems? Then you‘ve come to the right place. With us, you decide for the most part what you do, when, how and where. In our helpful, competent team, you will find the necessary support when things get tricky (and of course in other situations too). You develop complex software and solve exciting problems in the financial sector. You develop with node.js, C# and Java, work with NoSQL databases and implement ingenious React user interfaces, because you are a full-stack developer.

Are you in the middle of your studies and want to get a taste of practice?
Internships have a long tradition with us. Many of our long-standing team members started their career with an internship at bmpi. As an intern, you are a fully-fledged part of our development team. In an internal project, you master the daily challenges together with us or your own sub-project.

Are you nearing the end of your studies?
As a young professional, you will work on an internal bmpi project or at one of our clients’ offices. With our know-how in the team and our generous training contingents, we will help you to find your way in the world of finance.

Have we piqued your interest? Then meet us at the contact party.

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