By Thomas Tscherrig

Systematic design of investment reports

9. May 2017
Client Reporting
White Paper

This white paper serves as a guide to redesigning investment reports for product managers and business analysts. It highlights the importance of clearly defining objectives and statements and shows how existing reports can be optimised through targeted structuring and selection. The document is divided into three parts: the objects, the statements and the tools, and offers concrete steps to improve investment reports.

This document is intended to help product managers and business analysts optimise or create new investment reports. It deals with the question of how to optimally design investment reports through conscious structuring and selection. It is also intended to serve as a basis for innovation.

When it comes to improving reporting, the focus is often on details. Individual points are improved while retaining the existing report. The approach presented here is different: the existing is completely faded out at the beginning. Instead, the question is asked: What is the objective? What statements should be made with the report? What does one want to achieve with it? Based on this, the components of the existing reports are analysed. It is shown how each of them serves to achieve the defined goals. In this respect, each component of a report serves as a tool.

It is shown that an investment report can deal with two different topics on which it makes different key statements. It can communicate these statements using a number of different tools.

The paper is appropriately divided into three parts.

  1. The issues
  2. The statements
  3. The tools

In all explanations, it is useful to keep the private client in mind. However, most of the concepts can also be applied analogously to institutional clients.

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