By Caroline Cavin

Cinnamon Reporting reads data provided by Aladdin

25. August 2022
Cinnamon Reporting
Client Reporting

The investment company BlackRock manages its financial products and investments with the risk management platform Aladdin. Aladdin analyzes risks to make decisions about buying and selling securities. Cinnamon Reporting reads data provided by Aladdin and thus provides investors with a flexible investment reporting for web and print.

Cinnamon Reporting is operational within a short period of time. Asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies and corporate finance managers benefit from this. Cinnamon fits seamlessly into the system landscape thanks to state-of-the-art web technologies. Cinnamon accepts both customer specific and standardized formats. In the latter case, investors can start out of the box with customized investment reporting.

Cinnamon Reporting reads data provided by Aladdin.

Cinnamon Reporting is based on microservices

Cinnamon provides microservices that can be flexibly integrated into the system landscape of financial companies, e.g. for:

  • Data sources from data warehouse, portfolio management and core banking systems
  • Software for workflows
  • portal software
  • content management systems
  • Identity and access management systems

Microservices are an architecture-based approach to software development. The software consists of small independent services that communicate via defined programming interfaces.

Cinnamon Reporting runs in the cloud

Cinnamon is based on standard technologies and integrates with cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, etc.

Investment Reporting for Web and Print

Cinnamon serves standardized web and print formats. The web report has an interactive user interface and is optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop. Thanks to the data provided in advance, the web interface responds without delay.

View web report

The web reporting of Cinnamon is interactive.

The print report is based on individual design: elegant tables, high-quality infographics, headers and footers, and tables of contents.

View print report

The print report of Cinnamon supports all common office formats as well as PDF.

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