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Spice up your client reporting with Cinnamon

1. October 2020
Cinnamon Reporting
Client Reporting

Today, a better part of our communication is handled via web channel. However, in many cases this does not hold true for client reporting which shows a clear lag regarding digitalisation.

When it comes to client reporting, instead of dynamic information via multiple channels, the client often only receives one monthly PDF report. Although this format delivers on the necessary liability, there are a few major drawbacks: a PDF report offers no possibility for interaction, can become outdated quickly and is not capable of handling multiple devices. In contrary, good web reporting should fulfil all these requirements.

The problem with multiple channels

But why do asset managers tend to stick to a single-channel-reporting such as PDF instead of using a modern web-based reporting approach? One challenge concerns duplication. An additional channel risks to double the number of elements: the reports, the client-specific configuration, the layout and in the worst case, also the logic of the calculations – the disadvantages are obvious.

Most web reports are static

Our international market analysis showed that almost all providers of Client Reporting Software started out in the PDF realm and added the web reporting component in hindsight. Therefore, their integration process was not always optimal. Either the web report was as static as its PDF sibling, or the webchannel was added as a full duplicate with the drawbacks mentioned beforehand.

Web and print channel for Cinnamon Reporting

We offer a new client reporting solution

This led us to develop a completely new solution from scratch: we created Cinnamon Reporting. Our approach? Simple: Web-first. In other words, web features such as interactions, ad-hoc presentations, copy-paste functionality and so forth are a given. Nevertheless, the classical channels can be catered for without any additional effort.

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