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2. Juni 2022, 13:04
Caroline Cavin
Cinnamon ReportingClient ReportingETF is a platform to quickly find and analyze Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). The platform is now powered by Cinnamon technology. This technology allows for a flexible Investment Reporting for Web and Print. is a user-friendly platform for investors, which provides daily updated prices and information about a variety of ETFs. The basis of the platform is the data, which is categorized into static data and prices. The static data is integrated manually in regular intervals, whereas the prices are loaded automated daily by a self-written Java application, which runs on an EC2 instance. This data is now displayed with Cinnamon technology. The technology allows customized reports based on investor’s needs.

Cinnamon Reporting for Web and Print

Investors using benefit from Cinnamon technology. Cinnamon offers a lean, integrated solution that produces customizable reports.
Three key success factors speak for Cinnamon Reporting:

1. Cinnamon produces web and print reports from the same building blocks. The web formats are optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

2. Investors can add or remove building blocks of the report, change the report‘s logic or choose a different layout. No IT release is required.

3. Cinnamon seamlessly integrates into the system landscape. The reporting process can be modeled with the help of a workflow tool and increase operations efficiency.

Cinnamon combines classical Client Reporting requirements with modern Web Reporting. The reporting becomes interactive and
investors on benefit from this new experience.

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Example of Cinnamon Reporting on

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2. Juni 2022, 13:04
Caroline Cavin
Cinnamon ReportingClient ReportingETF
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