In his position of CEO Oliver is always prepared to listen to our clients and staff alike. He always probes deeper, searching for hidden causes and currents. Besides his commitment to his family and the Founding Board of Swisscanto he takes a lively interest in cultural matters. In his summer holidays he enjoys walks in the mountains.

Oliver Gloor, Dr. sc. math. ETH


Thomas is responsible for the areas of solutions, marketing and sales. He is fascinated by the ever changing world of finance and loves the challenge of being involved in these changes.
Besides the game of business he is an evenhanded player in the family home and on the tennis court.

Thomas Tscherrig, MSc ETH CS, CIIA

Member of Executive Board


Adrian has great know-how in business administration economics and process optimization. This makes him the allrounder in our team. He pays due regard to sustainability. He balances out his professional life by exploring the lovely landscapes in the world, listening to and making music as well as reading good books.

Adrian Niederhauser, M.A. Economics UZH, CAS in Sustainable Finance

Consultant / Business Analyst

Alexander is a consultant specialized in project management, business analysis and software development. In his working hours, every single of his specifications can be put into practice.
In his free time he can be seen jogging in the open, or else reading.

Alexander Salim, BSc ZFH Industrial Engineering

Consultant / Business Analyst

Andrin's special area is software development. No technology is beyond his expertise. He applies creative ideas both at work and in his private life.

Andrin Meier, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Information Technology

Software Engineer

Antonia is an IT graduate with additional diplomas in finance. She is bilingual in the spheres of IT and business. In her free time she follows her linguistic inclinations by taking a keen interest in foreign languages.

Antonia Schmidig, Diploma in Computer Science ETH, CIIA, FMO

Consultant / Business Analyst / Software Engineer

Arian knows how to approach the customer’s needs analytically. It brings him great joy to see a customer satisfied wholly by a solution – and doubly so if he was the one to implement it. As far as his free time is concerned, he has caved in to society’s expectations (of a tall guy) and now spends his evenings playing basketball instead of minigolf.

Arian Uruqi, BSc in Computer Science University Bern

Software Engineer

Christoph works as business analyst for the projects of our clients. In doing this he can use his experience as a developer and project manager. He excels at structuring the contents and processes of projects. For the very last years, these projects have been related to Financial Market Data. In his free time he loves juggling sports with music.

Christoph Denzler, Federal Diploma II for Teachers in Sports ETH

Key Account Manager / Consultant / Business Analyst

Costa's mission is to bring sense to whatever task he does - and get it done. An award-winning pragmatic app developer, a minimalistic designer and photographer, an Arduino tinkerer, Costa always detects all errors, wherever they are.
He will rock climb until the last day of his life, if there has to be one.

Costantino Sertorio, Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Key Account Manager / Consultant / Business Analyst / Software Engineer

I came, I saw, I programmed.

Daniel Kistler, MSc ETH CS, FMO

Key Account Manager / Consultant / Business Analyst / Software Engineer

Enrico has been working for bmpi as a software developer and business analyst since 2008. His IT degree followed by hands-on experience and studies in finance make him feel at home at the interface between business and IT. In his free time, however, he isn't usually at home, but travelling all over the world.

Enrico Albonico, MSc ETH CS, FMO

Consultant / Business Analyst / Software Engineer

Jiri loves moving in the rich border area of analytical concepts, development and support. He philosophically airs this view: It is much easier to write some software than to write it in a way which subsequently makes you live at ease.

Jiri Hochmann, Dr. sc. nat. ETH

Consultant / Software Engineer

Lukas loves transforming complex processes into sophisticated software. He enjoys searching for the right balance between what is perfect and what is practical in the latest technologies on the one hand and in handling systems that have proved successful for years on the other hand.
In his free time he enjoys activities offering instant feedback such as cooking and wine tasting. He clears his head while motor cycling, sailing and playing saxophone.

Lukas Knecht, Dr. sc. techn. ETH

Consultant / Software Engineer

Marcus advises customers and takes a leading role in the product development of advisory and reporting tools. He is a founding member of bmpi and has many years of experience both as a consultant, and as an investment project and portfolio manager for major Swiss banks.

In his free time, Marcus likes playing the trombone in the symphony orchestra, playing volley ball, and most importantly, spending time with his children.

Marcus Brändle, Diploma in Computer Science ETH

Consultant / Product Manager

Debit or credit?

Markus Eichenberger, Higher College for Business and Administration

Responsible for Finance / Secretary Board of Administration

Maurus has, for many years, been involved in international projects and in the development of software applications in banking. All this makes him into a greatly appreciated member and manager of project work in our company.
His favourite pastime is studying Latin languages, Catalon for the time being.

Maurus Bürgi, Higher College for Business and Administration

Consultant / Business Analyst

Natalija supports the CEO as well as the product and the customer managers and is also responsible for customer and employee events and. Besides the family life, Natalija likes to spend her free time doing sport and with friends.

Natalija Oehri, Management Assistant

Management Assistant

Nora is specialized in the organisation of enterprises. For Nora, with her CAS in Design Thinking, the people who are involved in a project take centre stage. Everything revolves around the clients, the users of particular software as well as the members of the project team.
All things human are central in Nora's private life too. If there is time left apart from her business and family lives, she loves immersing herself in history, and all sorts of cultures and languages.

Nora Ibig, Federal Certificate of Competence in Organizational Science

Consultant / Business Analyst / Software Engineer

Petra likes to communicate - with people as well as computers. Transforming ideas into code brings her as much joy as a smooth flow of information in her team. In her free time she indulges her penchant for perfectionism by tinkering on her recipes.

Petra Wittwer, cand. BSc UZH in Computer Science

Software Engineer / Business Analyst

Renato is a classical engineer: He has a knack for coming up with solutions. The destination is the goal. And with over ten years of experience as financial engineer it’s working very well. Renato is fascinated by science (connection between brainwaves and music?). He likes to spent his free time with motor sport until the tires smoke.

Renato Kirin, Dipl. Ing. FH Data Analysis & Process Design

Consultant / Software Engineer

Sofie, the graduate astrophysicist, doesn't only probe into the secrets of the universe, but also solves many puzzles in the complex universe of programming. Besides her work Sofie is enthusiastic about swing dance. She reaches for the stars dancing boogie woogie.

Sofie Fehlmann, PhD Theoretical Physics University Basel, CIIA

Consultant / Business Analyst

Stefan doesn’t like it when things don’t work the way they should. That’s why he’s constantly fixing and optimizing, - be it code, database queries or his kids’ toys.

Stefan Gehrig, Dipl. Ing. HTL Mechanical Engineering

Software Engineer

Board of Administration

Members l.t.r.:

Oliver Gloor

Thomas Tscherrig

Marcus Brändle

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