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Cinnamon Reporting

State-of-the-art client reporting

Same look & feel for both online and print channel

Extremely customizable: Tailor your reports to the needs of your clients

Works with your workflow tool and your data sources

The future is here. With cinnamon reporting, you get a cutting-edge, multi-channel capable, extremely customizable client reporting. Online, the reporting is interactive, and on paper, it looks exactly the same, even though it is less interactive (we are working on it).

You can mix and match building blocks to create the reports your clients want. There is no need for an IT release!

Make use of the existing set of building blocks: performance analysis, asset breakdowns, risk figures and many more.

Cinnamon reporting integrates seamlessly with your IT environment, as it is very light-weight. As a consequence, both project costs and implementation length are minimized.

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Reporting as a Service

Apex Reporting Services

Outsource your investment reporting

Get perfect reports on a regular basis

For banks, pension funds, independent asset managers and family offices

With Apex Reporting Services you or your clients receive professional best practice investment reports. We regularly produce investment reports based on your transaction data. These reports are sent to you in print or in PDF. We valuate holdings, consolidate portfolios across banks and process all your information into concise statements which facilitate your decision making.


Relaxed, unconstrained support for meetings with clients

Data entry with an intelligent pen and handwriting recognition

Carry all the documents with you, always!

Propose solutions right in the meeting

bankNotes is a tablet solution based on Windows10. It supports investment advisory services. Being designed to meet the needs of advisors and clients, bankNotes allows relaxed, unconstrained meetings, keeps in the sidelines when people take center stage and provides support when required.


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