Investment Reporting

Automated and professional reporting to the customer.

Investment Reporting

investment reporting

What is Investment Reporting? An investment report lists the investments, shows the risks and the results achieved. With the investment report, the financial institution fulfills its accountability, but this report is much more than that. It is an important tool in client communication and with today’s possibilities (digitalization) there are enormous opportunities. We have the necessary products and experience to make your customer communication even better.

Investment Reporting Blueprint for Asset Managers & Global Custodians

Investment Reporting Blueprints

System- and Serviceproviders

Area Provider System / Service Link
Data Vendor Bloomberg
Data Vendor Thompson Reuters
Data Vendor Six Group
Data Vendor FTSE Russel
Data Vendor Moody’s
Data Vendor MSCI
Data Vendor Morningstar
Data Vendor (ESG) Sustainalytics
Data Vendor (ESG) Refinitiv
Data Vendor (ESG) RepRisk
Data Vendor (ESG) GRESB
Data Vendor (ESG) MSCI
Data Vendor (ESG) ISS”
Data Vendor (ESG) inrate
Data Adaptor IHS Markit IHS Markit EDM
Data Adaptor NeoXam NeoXam DataHub
Investment Management System avaloq avaloq
Investment Management System Temenos Temenos
Investment Management System assetmax Assetmax
Investment Management System Expersoft PM1
Investment Management System Profidata Xentis
Investment Management System SimCorp SimCorp Dimension
Data Warehouse MarkLogic MarkLogic Data Hub
Data Warehouse MongoDB MongoDB
CRM actico actico Rule Engine
Work Flows Appway Appway Work Automation
Work Flows appian Appian Low-Code Platform
Work Flows Camunda Camunda

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