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Amplify An AWS service that consists of a library as well as a platform for hosting web applications. It provides easy deployments, custom domains and free SSL certificates.
Angular A popular web application framework written in TypeScript and provided by Google.
API Gateway An AWS service that allows one to easily host APIs and make them accessible through HTTP. It has various features such as caching and authorization.
AWS Amazon Web Services. The cloud offering of Amazon.
Data Lake An alternative approach of handling data integration and analytics than Data Warehouses. Quite contrary to Data Warehouses, which are schema-on-write, Data Lakes are schema-on-read. This means the data is loaded into the database without changing its format. Only when read, the format is changed to the target system needs.
DynamoDB A NoSQL database offered by AWS.
EC2 An AWS service that provides servers (based mainly on Linux) and is billed hourly based on the usage.
ETF Exchanged Traded Funds. An index fund that is traded on a stock exchange and can be bought and sold similarly to shares.
Lambda An AWS service that allows one to host functions written in a variety of languages in the cloud without having to manage a server. These functions can then be called by other services such as API Gateway.
Materialize A front-end framework based on Material Design.
Material Design Design principles developed by Google.
Polyglot Persistence The idea that it is better to use a different database tailored for each use case instead of one single database. For example, using a time series database for prices and a document database for static ETF data.
RDS An AWS service for relational databases. It allows one to use a database such as MySQL in the cloud.
React A popular web application framework made by Facebook.
Serverless Framework A framework used to automatically provision infrastructure (such as Lambda functions).
REST REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It describes a set of rules on how systems can communicate with each other. The central concept is that of a resource, which is basically an object. Systems using REST are stateless.

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