Management Reporting

All important information on compliance, portfolio management and client monitoring (are) at your fingertips.


Focus on the essentials

All important information is available at one place. Like this you retain the overview without drowning in data.

Data in view

We are proficient at visual representation. We process your data for you to get the essential information at a glance.

Meeting the clients’ needs

We work out solutions together with the end users. This ensures that your needs and the use of technology are interlocked in the best possible way.



Individual analysis with Observa

Ideal supplement to Finnova


Observa is the system of analysis we developed for the Zimmerberg Bank. It offers an overview of all their clients, giving the essential key figures. It is the ideal supplement to the banking platform Finnova.

Compliance analysis – Regional Private Bank

Checking the FINMA regulations


The strict laws and regulations in banking make appropriate reporting indispensable. bmpi has developed a system of compliance analysis which offers a clear overview of all relevant FINMA regulations.



Solution based on Excel

Modular system

Customized and flexible

Observa is a system of information which adds on to the Swisscom/Finnova banking solution and outputs results in Excel. Observa puts all important information at your fingertips. Like this you retain the overview without drowning in the data of diverse reports. Choose from five modules and buy just what you need.

Module MIS

Retaining the overview of the banks without losing sight of the details

Making analyses at various levels

Observa represents hierarchically changes on the balance sheet, net new money and tees. This allows analyses at various levels: Branches, client advisors, accounts and products. Observa offers monthly analyses which classify this information (asset, liabilities and off-balance sheet) ass to branches, (client) advisors and products.

Module Client Monitoring

Identifying clients in need of action immediately

Efficient filtering functions

Customized views

We immediately recognize which clients are in needs of action: scrutinizing birthdays, bonds nearing their maturity, tasks to do, big cashflows. You find all this information consolidated in a centralized view. We offer an up-dated list with all important information grouped by branches and advisors. The list of clients is linked to the detailed view of each client.

With a simple mouse click you open a detailed summary of a particular client’s data, including a list of holdings and allocations grouped by instrument types and currencies.

Module KuBe Dashboard

Statistics on the customer service provided by each advisor

Targeted views allow better understandings of client advisors

What type of clients is each advisor responsible for? For each advisor Observa shows distributions by age and geographical location, the number of clients, cash inflows and outflows, fees, security transactions and products sold.

Module Compliance

Which clients have signed which contract?

How many assets are held by their foreign clients

Simple control over cash payments maintained by a warning system

Constant Red-Flag-Monitoring allows efficient monitoring of cross boarder activities. Moreover, the current situation of the client’s contracts is kept under control any time.

Module Portfolio Management

Client portfolios managed with (the help of) investment strategies pertaining to targets and bandwidths

Bandwiths defined by the user in simple terms

Besides SAA/TAA monitoring of bandwiths based on investment strategies we provide up to date performance figures (MWR and TWR). This allows active management and efficient monitoring of the clients’ portfolios.


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